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Library of Congress
Cataloging Distribution Service
Washington, DC 20541-4912 USA

Phone: +1 202 707 6100
Email: cdsinfo@loc.gov
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This Form Must be Faxed for Your Subscription to be Processed.

CDS Fax:(202) 707-1771
CDS Phone: (855) 266-1884 or (202) 707-6100

Use this form to sign up for a Cataloger's Desktop subscription or a Trial subscription.
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Note: Please complete the following information using preferred upper and lowercase lettering. Your data will be input in the Cataloger's Desktop account system as it is presented in this form.

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Subscription type* Annual Subscription Prices:
One month trial account (1-4 users) Free
Single concurrent user $525
Up to 4 concurrent users $685
5-9 concurrent users $865
10-14 concurrent users $1,100
15-19 concurrent users $1,275
20-24 concurrent users $1,460
25-29 concurrent users $1,645
concurrent users Additional $185 for each group of five additional users

• Unlimited connection time for maximum number of concurrent users.
• Read-only password for non administrative users.

A site is defined as a single contiguous geographical location. See license agreement for further information at URL http://www.loc.gov/cds/desktop/TermsandConditions.html

Note: No financial data is retained. It is only printed on the copy to be faxed.

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US government requires prepayment for all orders.
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Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) -- additional $25 bank fee
Instructions at http://www.loc.gov/cds/eft.html

Check to "Chief, CDS, Library of Congress" enclosed. All checks must be drawn on U.S. banks.

Submitting Your Order
  1. If paying by credit card, EFT, or deposit account, fax this order form to CDS.
  2. For all other forms of payment, send this order form and payment to CDS via courier service (FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.).
CDS Fax: (202) 707-1771

CDS private courier service address:
Library of Congress
Cataloging Distribution Service
Customer Services Section
101 Independence Ave. SE
Washington, DC 20541-4912 USA
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